Coralberry Cottage Title Border


Coralberry Cottage Title Border
Coralberry Cottage Beds and Lamp

The Beginnings


Coralberry Cottage began in 2011, after two friends, each with design backgrounds, embarked on a fruitless search for Cottage style furniture to suit their taste in Charleston.

Liz Baker and Melissa Hempstead became partners, began sourcing high quality local and regional furnishings, and our doors opened in the fall.

People quickly came to love shopping with us, whether for quick gift or a huge project.

A few years in, our success required expansion and we took on more space to showcase our beautiful goods.



Making a House a Home


Selecting new furniture should be exciting, but often it’s frustrating when you don’t quite know how to pull it all together, or you can’t get proper service when you shop.

We are here to guide and serve you, and make sure you choose pieces that make you happy. The experience with us is pleasant, and the end results will be what you envisioned, only better.