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An Ode to the Slipcover

An Ode to the Slipcover

An Ode to the Slipcover



Step into our Mount Pleasant showroom, or look at our ads in the design magazines and you know that we are all about slipcovers.

Practical, cleanable, replaceable slipcovers. We are obsessed with them!


Our main line is designed in a genius way. The sofa arms come off separately, the skirt comes off with a rip of velcro, and the back is its own piece. You’re able to only wash what is dirty, and the smaller pieces fit more easily in your washing machine. This design also allows for a tighter fit, avoiding the messy look that turns some people off of slipcovers.

If washable furniture isn’t enough incentive, let us run this by you. Flash forward 5, 6, maybe 10 years. The sofa and chairs that you loved so much aren’t really synced up to your current style. Or maybe children and pets have put too much of their mark on them. Enter the replacement slipcover. For a fraction of the price of a new sofa or chair, a factory made slipcover transforms the furniture into a brand new look.

Some people don’t wait for that moment. They buy a summertime and winter version and change their look throughout the year.

A lot of folks have vacation rental property here in the beautiful, beachy Charleston area. Enter the slipcover for multiple benefits. Careless vacationers leaving behind spills makes the cleanable nature an obvious advantage. The savvy owner who sometimes uses their vacation property may buy a renter’s set and owner’s set. This means they can choose something luxurious, perhaps lighter in color, for themselves. Then a set in something hardy and durable like Sunbrella or Crypton for the vacation tenants.

Are slipcovers for everyone? Almost! But there are times when we work with a client and they find even our tightly fitting slipcovers aren’t sleek or tailored enough for them. In those cases, we encourage you to know thyself. We can have the same comfortable, high quality pieces upholstered if you prefer.

Our slipcovered line is made in North Carolina and are the most comfortable seating out there!

P.S. After you buy your slipcovered furniture with us, we offer 25% off any additional slipcovers for life!