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Best Furniture Store In Mount Pleasant

Best Furniture Store In Mount Pleasant

Best Furniture Store In Mount Pleasant

Mt Pleasant Furniture Store

Top Furniture Store in Mount Pleasant

Charleston, South Carolina has some of the best southern furniture stores in the Southeast. That’s especially true when it comes to the unique coastal cottage style of handmade furniture from Coralberry Cottage Furniture Store in Mount Pleasant. With unique signature furniture pieces that the owners and staff have custom-made for any room, Coralberry Cottage brings beauty and classic southern style to homes across the Charleston area. Melissa Hempstead and Liz Baker, the owners, have a vision of making one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture more easily available, which is what they do in their southern coastal cottage-style showroom.

Coralberry Cottage Furniture Store

The Coralberry Cottage Furniture Store specializes in creating signature pieces of furniture that can be used sparingly to tie a room together or used in abundance to furnish an entire room. The store is most well-known for its cottage-style furniture that brings a well-decorated cottage feel to your home. They’ve been doing this for the last six years with a team of skilled designers and craftspeople. Each staff member works together with the team to create a unique piece of furniture that meets their client’s dream piece.

Best Southern Furniture

When a client comes into Coralberry Cottage with an idea in mind for a piece of furniture, Liz Baker draws up the blueprints tailored to their specifications. As an architect, she understands how to bring your dream to reality. Once the plan is in place, she sends the design to one of her southern pine, sustainably harvested, furniture makers to bring your unique piece to life. Whether you’re hoping to create something brand new or modify an existing piece, the team at Coralberry Cottage creates some of the best southern furniture around.

Southern Waterfront Style

Melissa Hempstead is very familiar with the southern waterfront style of furniture thanks to her years of living in New Orleans, Kiawah, Daniel Island, and Isle of Palms. She understands the unique feeling that permeates residences and neighborhoods of that kind, and is well-equipped to recreate that same style in the pieces of furniture she creates for her clients. If you’re looking for a relaxing style ideal for a southern waterfront home or theme, Melissa can help. She’s ready to build you the piece to tie your home together.

Best Mount Pleasant Furniture Store

Together, Liz and Melissa are the perfect duo when it comes to creating unique furniture pieces. With their knowledge of a variety of styles for furniture, they can create anything a client has in mind. They can even help you figure out exactly what you need to bring your specific room or area together. If you would like to learn more about their past rooms or projects, you can check out their blog.

When you decide to work with Coralberry Cottage Furniture Store in Mount Pleasant, you can rest assured that you’re in the best hands possible. Come on by today to see how the team can help you create some of the best southern furniture in the area.