Fall Décor Ideas for a Coastal Home

Fall décor doesn’t have to be all reds, browns, and oranges, especially if you want to keep your coastal interior design theme. There are many ways to decorate for the changing season, having a cozy fall home. Some of the ways we recommend decorating for fall while keeping your Charleston beach theme are adding texture to your pillows and blankets, decorating with coastal colored fall decorations, incorporating autumn flowers and plants, and adding fall scents to tie everything together.

Textured Accents

One of the best ways to design your home in time for fall is by putting out pillows and couch throws that are textured. Right now, a fall trend is big chunky knit blankets. These make your space feel warm and cozy. You can find blankets like these, or furry ones, that are a light grey or fit into the colors of your home. Pillows like this are also a major trend for the season. The more texture your pillow has, the cozier your space will feel in time for fall.

Coastal colored fall decorations

To keep your coastal theme, while also making your house feel decorated for the fall season, there are several fun things you can do to decorate. First, colorful pumpkins are all the rage. Find pumpkin décor that matches the color of your home. A fun color to include for a beach-themed home is blue and white-colored pumpkins. Other fall décor includes things like acorns, leaves, and fall foliage. Find these items in a coastal color scheme, and mix them with your average beach accessories. Blue pumpkins and white starfish look really cute together and bring fall into your beach home. Fall décor doesn’t have to be the traditional fall colors of reds, browns, and oranges. Get creative!

Autumn flowers and plants

Autumn flowers and plants are another way to make your coastal home feel cozy and warm for fall. Bring in flowers such as sunflowers, dahlias, mums, orange roses, and berry vines, or brightly colored fall plant arrangements. These will give any room warm autumn feeling to contrast the cool calming feeling of beach decor.

Fall scents

Yummy fall candles and scents are another way to make your home smell and feel like fall. Scents such as cinnamon, pumpkin spice, spiced vanilla, apple, cedarwood, and campfire will all give you that harvest feeling as you walk into the room. Use decorative fall candles to bring in touches of fall colors or hide your candles inside of coastal candle holders for a subtler look.

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