Coralberry Cottage Pastel Beach Colors

Going Coastal: Soothe Your Spirit with a Beach Cottage of Coastal Pastel Colors

Coralberry Cottage Pastel Beach Colors

Coastal Design Recommendations

Regardless of your proximity to the beach, you can bring the coastal outdoors inside by using a design palette that incorporates soothing coastal colors. By combining subtle hues inspired by the ocean, sky, and sand, you can envelope yourself in laid back, beach like cottage comfort.

Southern Beach Cottage Style

Southern style beach cottages reflect the sun-drenched beaches of the Gulf of Mexico or Southern Atlantic seaboard, along with a light and cheerful Southern attitude. This design style combines plenty of natural sunlight, furnishings of natural fibers and textures, touches of sparkle from sea glass, found natural sea elements, and coastal colors to create a casual and breezy seaside feeling mixed with a little Southern cottage comfort. The use of crisp whites and floors finished with natural tones, such as soft honey or dark mahogany, are utilized to bring out the soft vibrance of coastal colors.

Coastal Color Palettes

Incorporating coastal colors in your home decor will transform your living space into a relaxing coastal environment with ocean blues, sunset pinks, dusky purples, and sunshiny yellows. This helps to provide a soothing, coastal environment where you’re always reminded of leisurely times spent on the beach. To make these subtle hues pop, you can utilize neutral colors as a backdrop. Imagine a southern beach cottage with colors like driftwood gray or steel gray and deep navy to represent storm clouds and turbulent seas. Then, accent with turquoise, sky blue, bougainvillea pink, and seafoam green!

Let the Light Shine In

Another way to enhance colors of the seaside is to allow as much natural sunlight as possible to flow in. When aspiring for a coastal feel in your home, it’s best for the main source of illumination to come from natural light. For a true beach cottage comfort feel, keep window treatments casual by using transparent or simply-patterned natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, or muslin.

Accessorize with Seaside Treasures

Accessorizing with treasures found at the seaside is a perfect way to showcase your family’s memories. This is where you can pull out those bags of shells, stones, and sea glass that you and your little ones found at the beach to use as expressive decor pieces. Then, look for nautical or coastal inspired prints with coastal colors for furniture and throw pillows, dishes, glassware, and artwork. You can also bring in natural structure and texture from the coast with dried grasses, driftwood, and reef elements.

Creating a soothe-your-spirit southern beach cottage is a way to be ever-enveloped in the relaxing, but vibrant, essence of the sea. From rustic and casual to polished and sophisticated, you can design your own personal beach like paradise anywhere in the world. Our team at Coralberry Cottage would love to add some coastal cottage comfort to your design with pieces from our coastal furniture and accessories collection.

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