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How to Perform a Cottage Home Transformation

How to Perform a Cottage Home Transformation

How to Perform a Cottage Home Transformation

Most people often associate cottage homes with small beach houses. While it is true that most beachside homes have a cottage-like design, it’s equally true that you can capture that cottage feel anywhere. Cottage-style interior design is beautiful and gives homes plenty of character and personality. When you implement this sort of style of a cottage home, complete with carefully curated furniture, you can expect to live in a welcoming and stress-free environment. Here are some benefits to cottage-style homes.

Leveraging All Available Space

The stereotypical cottage is not very big. As such, space is a premium commodity and every bit of it has to be functional. One great way to do this is by adorning your walls and open spaces with your favorite décor and pictures of loved ones. Whether the décor is sentimental or simply artistic, you can make use of the space and bring about a homey feeling to the entire area.

A Timeless Feel

Because most cottage homes are beloved for their relaxed, quaint atmosphere as opposed to a specific trend, it’s easy to bring cottage style into almost any space. You’re working with a timeless trend that works just as well ten years in the future as it does today. Start by taking stock of your surroundings and picking the best color for the space. These hues will become the palette of your home and give everything within it the cottage-style aesthetic that you’re hoping to find.

Fresh Flowers

Fill your cottage home with fresh flowers. Put a beautiful bouquet of flowers together and your cottage home will be put together. Flowers give an inviting feel to guests who enter your home. Everyone loves to walk into a home a smell the scent of flowers.

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Cottage Lighting and Wall Decor

When it comes to cottage style interior design, lighting and wall decor are crucial to providing that homey feeling. When you think about a cottage, chances are that you think about a light and airy space, so that’s what you should aim for in your own home. Having large windows that bring in as much light as possible is ideal. If that much natural light simply isn’t doable, that’s okay – you can supplement with artificial lighting.

Wall decor is also crucial in propagating this vibe and environment. As such, light wallpaper or paint that makes it easier for the room to feel brighter and cozier is the way to go. You can even pick a pattern that suits the color palette you picked out earlier. You might also consider adding colorful blinds, lampshades, and pictures on the walls to help further that warm framing and aesthetic.

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Of course, you must have the appropriate cottage furniture to help complete the cottage transformation. Charleston furniture stores have everything you need from seats to accessories and even wallpaper and lighting fixtures. For more information about Coralberry Cottage and what we offer, contact us at (843) 884-2225. You can also learn more about us and what we can do for you to make your home even more inviting cottage home.