Why Beach Cottage Furniture?

Living near the beach in Charleston, SC inspires many homeowners to choose their home’s interior design to fit the style of the area with unique, handmade coastal cottage furniture. Think back to the main reasons you love relaxing on Isle Of Palms, Sullivans Island, or Folly Beach. People love the beach because of the peace it brings and the calmness that comes over us when we feel the warm sand between our toes. With every breath, you breathe in of the ocean air you begin to go into a relaxed state. Don’t you want to feel this way when you step into your home oasis? 

Why Beach Cottage Furniture? 

The first step of styling your home as a beach cottage is with sand-colored beach cottage furniture. This will channel relaxation after a draining workday. Bring in colors of the ocean by painting your walls a watery hue and utilizing blue accents, such as a rug or throw pillows.

You can also use light blue on your beach cottage furniture couches or chairs. Then bring in the sand color with pillows and rugs. Coffee tables and end tables in white or natural wood brings a soothing style with easy flexibility. Bringing in the sand and ocean blue colors will make your home feel like you’re at your favorite place the beach. Beach design is seen when the furniture is the focal point. Meaning the dining table, bed, or sofa will dominate the space with a few accessories.

Beachy Accents in the Living Room

Beach cottage furniture gives off a neutral and calm feel to the space it is in. Every space needs some accent colors to bring the design together. A room that is filled with a neutral rug and sofa should have aquatic accents. These accents are a good way to brighten up the beach cottage furniture. Beachy art and decor are great accent pieces to a calm living room. A textured rug can also fall into the accent category. 

Cottage Lighting 

When it comes to a cottage style interior design lighting is a crucial piece in making the room have a home feel. When you picture a cottage you probably see a light and airy space, so that is what you should be aiming for in your home. If you have large windows that bring in outside light make sure the light is utilized. Pull the curtains back and let the light in! If big windows aren’t in your space you can supplement with artificial lighting. Have a few lamps in the space to bring in the light. You could have a colorful lampshade to bring a pop of color into the space. 

When you step into our showroom and see our beach cottage furniture you will experience the relaxed beauty and true comfort that is the essence of coastal cottage design. We have unique offerings that truly make us one of the best furniture stores in Mount Pleasant. Contact us today and make your beach cottage furniture dreams come true.