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What Makes Interior Design Different at Coralberry Cottage?

What Makes Interior Design Different at Coralberry Cottage?

What Makes Interior Design Different at Coralberry Cottage?

interior design

If you fancy yourself a budding interior designer but want your space to look like you, then you’re in luck. The people at Coralberry Cottage can help you make your interior design vision a reality. Their craftsmen can build a custom piece from scratch, take an existing piece and alter it to suit you, or they have pieces for sale on their showroom floor. No matter which route you take, they have what you are looking for, whether you are designing a whole house or just one room. Come and check out what we have to offer.

The Coralberry Cottage Difference

Coralberry Cottage is the place to go if you have a desire to decorate your space the way you wish and to your unique tastes. It is more than just a store, it is an interior design firm that can help you to bring your vision to reality, whether your tastes run from contemporary to quirky. To that end, we can build you a piece completely from scratch, take an already existing piece and alter it for you, or we have the perfect piece waiting for you on our showroom floor.

Coralberry Cottage is both owned and operated by Liz Baker and Melissa Hempstead, who are also best friends as well as co-owners. In fact, one might say they are two sides of the same coin. They often have the same thought at the same time or finish each other’s sentences. They bring this unique relationship to every piece they design and every customer they help, and they can help you bring your dreams to reality.

Furniture and Interior Design

At Coralberry Cottage, we can help you design the perfect furniture. We have access to hundreds of different styles of upholstery to cover your couch or chair. In addition to our resources, we have years of experience in interior design and it is available to you.  At Coralberry Cottage, we don’t just build furniture. We craft signature pieces that reflect your personality and tastes.

In addition to couches and chairs, we also have accessories available. Whether you have a whole house to decorate, a single room, or just a corner, we have something to fill it with. You can buy something from us directly. If need be, we can alter it to suit you.

It has been found in studies that the interior design of a room has the ability to affect your mood. So it is important to take note of how a piece of furniture or a wall color would make you feel. By making changes to the layout and fabrics of your home you can make a positive difference quickly.

When Liz Met Melissa

The story of their friendship is as unique as their business. Melissa is a South Carolina transplant from Rhode Island. Upon relocating to Daniel Island, she purchased a house. The designer of that house was Liz Baker.

Baker returned the favor when she became a real estate agent and helped Liz find a home of her own. Naturally, the two worked together to design Liz’s new home. But they were both becoming frustrated at not being able to find what it was they were looking for, whether furniture or just a cute little knickknack on a shelf, so they decided to take matters into their own hands, literally.

The two not only worked effortlessly together, but also quickly became best friends. They often look back on how they met and how they became such good friends and soon decided they were meant to work together.

interior design

Contact Us

Let their interior design expertise help you design your own interior space. Contact Coralberry Cottage today!

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